When ordering your custom heels, please use an e-mail address that is easy and reliable to contact you at.

Prompt reply and approval when necessary will avoid unnecessary delays in getting your heels to you.

We understand that ordering your first pair of custom glitter heels can be an anxious and anticipatory time. To help ease this process, we send out updates so you know where your heels are. 

  • Order Confirmation 

This is an automated response from our system providing you with an order number, stating your order has been confirmed and will take 24 hours to process.  

Due to the automated nature of this e-mail, it should arrive almost immediately after placing and order. If it does not arrive, please check your junk, spam, or other folder. If your confirmation e-mail does not arrive within 24 hours, please contact us.  

  • Order Processed 

This notification will appear up to 24 hours after order confirmation.  

Order processing confirms that your heels are on their way to PolePedia to begin the glittering process. Many heels take 1 week to arrive at PolePedia, and up to 2 during holidays. Once they arrive at PolePedia, your heels will begin the glittering process, which may take up to 1-2 weeks depending on where your shoe is in the queue. 

After they have been glittered, they’ll go through a curing phase. In this phase, your heels will be sealed with a protective coating that will prevent shedding, helping your heels stand up to clacks, kips, slides, and other heel-intensive work. This sealant must cure over a period of 1-2 weeks to provide you with the best quality product possible.  

  • (If Applicable) Delay Notification 

In the event the cure time has been delayed or something unforeseen has happened that delays shipment, you’ll receive a notification as soon as possible. This is almost never an issue, however, at PolePedia we firmly believe that when you’re counting on your heels for a performance or competition, you deserve to know about delays as soon as we know. 

  • Shipping Notification with Tracking Information 

Congratulations! Your heels are now out of PolePedia’s hands, in a box, on their way to your shipping address! 

Tracking information will be provided, and some carriers may require you to sign for the package when it arrives. Standard shipping within the United States is done via a discreet USPS flat-rate box. 

Expected Timeline Until Your Heels are Ready to Ship 

You can expect to receive a shipment notification that your heels are on their way to the provided shipping address within 3-6 weeks from the Order Processed notification, and up to 8 weeks during shopping holidays and promotions. We always recommending ordering well before you need them to avoid any delays! 

Where We Ship & Where We Are Located 

Currently, we only ship within the United States. We are working out the logistics for international shipping. Please sign up for our newsletters if you would like to receive notice of when international shipping becomes available! 

PolePedia does not have a public storefront or warehouse, however, our base of operations is in Providence, RI, United States. 

Rush Orders 

In some cases, rush orders are available. If you need your heels rush ordered, please contact PolePedia via email. Please include your order details (heel type, heel height, and size) and the date you need the heels by and you’ll receive a quote for your order. Rush orders are not guaranteed on tight deadlines, so please order as far out from the date you need it as possible.  

Shipping Methods 

Standard shipping within the United States is done via a discreet USPS flat-rate box. Your postal service may require you to sign for the package once it arrives before they’ll leave the box at your door. If the package is not signed for, your postal service should leave a notice on your door. This is not the responsibility of PolePedia and should be discussed with your local post office. 

If mail is left unclaimed or an incorrect address is provided on the order form, the postal service may send the package back to PolePedia. If PolePedia receives an order back, you will be promptly contacted through the email provided and the heels can be shipped out again at the buyer’s expense. 

If you would like to request an alternate shipping method, please contact PolePedia via email or through the contact us page.

Additional Note for Renters: Please provide your floor or suite number in your shipping address. If you do not provide this, your heels may be sent back to PolePedia. Some condos and apartment complex offices won’t accept personal mail for residents.  

Return Policy 

Due to the custom-made nature of each pair of heels, PolePedia does not accept returns on custom glitter heels. Because of this, we ask that you measure your foot and refer to the size chart when ordering and please order as far in advance as possible to receive your heels by the date you need them.

If you have any questions about how to size your heels, see our article on Choosing Your Heels: Size, Style, and Material. 

Tracking Information 

Tracking information is provided with standard shipping methods. This may require someone to sign for the package when it arrives so the postal service can confirm it has reached its destination. See the Shipping Methods section above to learn more about unclaimed mail and signing for packages. 

Address Changes 

Sometimes your address changes… and sometimes your address changes while you have custom glitter heels in progress. We get it; things happen, and we aren’t here to ask details. You can request an address change on your glitter heel order at any point before the shipment notification is sent out.  

If you request an address change after we send your heels, we cannot do anything until the post office either delivers to the previous address or sends it back to PolePedia. If PolePedia receives an order back, you will be promptly contacted through the email provided and the heels can be shipped out again at the buyer’s expense. Please ensure you can reliably receive packages to your new address, otherwise request an address change to an appropriate shipping center you can pick up your mail from.  

Are Your Packages Discreet? 

All standard shipping packages are discreetly sent via USPS flat-rate boxes. If you have requested a custom shipping method, your packaging may vary, but the boxes will all be discreet, looking like a typical package you might receive from a family member. There’s no heel-related or PolePedia branded packaging to worry about.  


PolePedia does not carry an in-house inventory, therefore, we rely on the manufacturer’s inventory to update our shop. In some cases, we will be out of stock in certain sizes and heel heights because of this. We cannot guarantee or estimate timelines for specific shoe models will be available as we are not responsible for the production and stocking of heels. If there are any problems with your order, such as a heel size ordered being out of stock, we will contact you via email as soon as possible. 

Is the Glitter Sealed In? Will they Shed? 

Our heels are sealed, set, and performance-ready when they arrive at your doorstep to ensure the highest-quality performance during your routine. This means you can trust them to stand up to heel kips, clacks, slides, and everything in-between. 

You do not have to worry about the glitter shedding frequently, however, on the first few heel-intensive routines you may see a few excess sprinkles that may have found their way into the sole fabric or other parts that were not glittered but were exposed to air during the process. This is normal and to be expected. The shedding will stop; you won’t lose glitter from the design itself.  

Will My Glitter Heels Wear Out Over Time? 

Your shoes will still show wear over time in places that receive a lot of contact with the floor or pole like any other pole dance heel, however, this wear is very rarely visible from audience distances. We recommend wearing these heels only for performances and competitions as everyday wear will show faster than monthly or annual wear. 

What Type of Heels Do You Use? 

PolePedia does not keep any inventory in stock. We use Pleaser and Ellie brand heels unless otherwise noted. These are standard, high-quality dance heels for pole dancers, designed for balance and comfort when dancing. The quality of their heels has shown to withstand performances and glittering time and time again. 

What Heel Heights and Sizes Can You Customize? 

PolePedia can glitter any heel height or size you desire. Commonly available heel heights are 6-10 inches, and common heel sizes are 6-11 in US Womens. 

Any heels under 6 inches will require an email inquiry where you’ll receive a custom quote. Please identify any design details and what shoe type you are looking for. In some cases, custom glitter heels under 6 inches may be subject to a longer processing period.  

Can I Order Custom Designs and Patterns? 

This is a feature we plan to implement. In the early stages of offering this product, we are sticking with solid colors and ombre. You can specify this through the special instructions at checkout, or by sending us an email up to 4 days after your order. Custom designs and custom patterns will be announced at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact us via email. 

Don’t see a style or color you like? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do. 

What Size Do I Order? 

You can find the size chart in the “additional information” section of the order form. Your foot should be measured heel-to-toe and compared with the heel-to-toe measurements on the size chart once you’ve made your shoe selection, prior to ordering. For more information on this, see our article on Choosing Your Heels.

Do You Offer Gift Cards or Certificates? 

PolePedia currently offers e-gift certificates valid for up to two months from purchase. If you’re interested in a certificate, please contact us.

How Long Does Store Credit Last?

Typically, store credit is tied to your email and will be valid for up to 90 days – if you want an extension, let us know. Store credit is applied like a coupon during checkout.

Why Should I Pre-Order?

Since we don’t keep inventory, it is easier and less expensive for us to order the heels all at once, and we try to pass those savings on to you through discounted prices and future store credit.

When Should I Expect My Pre-Order?

We typically make the order after the pre-order end date. For example, if our pre-order end date is on the 15th, we’ll typically order on the 16th. The styles are then shipped to us to glitter, and we ship them out to you.

We put a free rush notice on pre-orders to cut down on processing time. Again, if you need your heels by a certain date, let us know. 

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